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Wechat,a new stationery brand marketing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-10

    Fast-paced life has became the mainstream of the current way of life under the rapid updating of infromation.With the developing of web 2.0 change,it is bring the big changing in marketing,the Internet has entered the new era of 2.0 media.

    New media marketing has become one of the most popular topic in all walks.To expand the target consumer groups through new media.So,does the office stationery industry need the new marketing to breakthrough?

   It is reported there are more than 900 million of mobile phone users in China.3G network,smart phones and mobile Internet are the major reasons to promote the growth of mobile phone users.At the same time,the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 457 million,there are about 300 million of them are the mobile phone users.The number of mobile Internet has more than the  number of PC or notebook on the Internet.To fully use the "power" of micro Internet,to do the promotion through the SMS voice, video, images and text.Or use the wechat,it is the good way for the stationery marketing.

    Actually, wechat or QR code for stationery enterprises is not only a new name card, it is also a piece of electronic VIP customers, it can reduce the production cost of the membership card and useful to the data analysis.In additiona,wechat is zero tariffs,it is more flexible and intelligent and cost savngs while competition with SMS communication.

    Wechat with the low cost,high adaptability and easy to spread.It be attention more and more by stationery suppliers.The QR code is convenient for the stationery business sales promotion and dissemination,it is provide the  most convenient consumption channel.It also will become the mainstream in stationery industry.

    The personage inside said that the people borned after 1980 and 1990,would be come the new consumers groups.It is a trend in the future.Stationery companies should to find the business opportunities in the Internet .

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