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Focusing on the 116th Canton fair: the new trend of stationery products

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-17


          October in the autumn, the 116th Canton fair began as scheduled.The Canton fair exhibition area is 1.18 million square meters, the booth number is 60222 and it is 514 more than the previous session, the overseas exhibitors is 24751, it is 170 more than the last.In addition to the increase of the quantity, exhibition layout is optimized.According to the information of guangzhou fair news center, in view of the complicated current world economic situation, the outbreak incidents of ebola and dengue fever also brings uncertainty to the purchaser.Integrated various aspects situation, the purchaser the situation is more serious.What is the competition trend for stationery industry?



          Continuous innovation enhance the brand competitiveness


          New products as the core force of the development of the enterprise brand, is the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development and even survival, is one of the most powerful way to improve enterprise competitiveness, brand will only continue to develop new products so that can avoid ageing, then guide enterprise to go further.Excellent brand enterprises are very strategic and targeted in the development of new products, in the eyes, their new products must be measured and has the significance and function.Of course, the popular trend of new product design should has high sensitivity to the current trend, this request stationery enterprises grasp the popular direction of the market to a degree of certainty.


          Emerging market worth waiting for


          Over the years, European and American markets is China's main export areas, but after the international financial crisis, the European and American market has been sluggish;Our export enterprises has high hopes in emerging markets, but how to effectively develop new markets, is a difficult task.By comparison, emerging markets has more new characteristics than the traditional market , such as sensitivity to the price, and delivery, design and product positioning,they are different from the traditional European and American markets.For Chinese enterprises, the first is to enter the market, then can consider to take the brand management mode, after all, compared with the traditional European and American markets, China's independent brands have more opportunities in emerging markets.As a result,office stationery brand has a lot of work to do to enter the emerging markets.


         It is understood that the Cantoon Fair is jointly organized by the ministry of commerce and the government of guangdong province,and it is currently comprehensive international trade event which with the longest history, highest level, China's largest and most complete variety with goods, and with the most merchants from all over the world, most widely distributed and the best effect and the best credibility.At the fair can see new market trends,and this is the most powerful platform for collecting  information of competitor.


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