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Make sure the stationery brand positioning principle

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-06


With the development of stationery industry, stationery products also more and more competitive.The change of demand make the competition turn from the price to brand.In many domestic stationery enterprises, there are two type:one is the high quality stationery enterprises,they have the stable market share.And they want to expand the influence of the brand.And the other one is the small and medium-sized stationery suppliers,they urgent need a breakthrough in brand.
It is not easy to establish a brand in China stationery market for many small and medium-sized stationery enterprises.Besides money,time and persist in the principle of development also very importatn.To accumulate the core competition through the market.Rely on the word of mouth and the chaneels than to build up their brandsAnd the superior enterprises should keep the frequency and sustainability of the dissemination of information.To keep the brand discipline.Lepusheng stationery thinks that it is nessary to keep the following principles for any stationery suppliers.
One,Clear brand positioning
The clear brand positioning is very important for the brand stationery. Clear brand positioning should be the long time brand concept.Its value cannot be easily changed by the affection from environment. Change the positioning means that the consumer recognition and trust has changed.It is not good to the enterprise brand development.
Two,Keep the price
It is very easy to seen that the low price commpetition.Cheap price will reduction the cognitive of the products in price and quality.In the weak market,maybe the enterprises would improvethe consumer spending but in short time.For long time development,it is not good.
Three,channel construction
It is very obvious useful for the channel in brand development.It even can understand like this:no channels,not brand.Channels is the key to the brand.Channels including sales,coverage,distribution of proudcts,transportation and so on.Among them,the supplier is one of the most important vehicle for this link.The enterprises can be rethink and evaluate their suppliers in the recovery period.
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