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Network marketing,new stationery brand marketing mode

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-24

With the complete of information technology and network.Online shopping has becoming the "help straw" for the  "Otaku".And the enterprises also establish the network marketing.Nowadays it is one of new mode of marketing.


Of course,there are many stationery entereprises also wanted to make the network marketing.And the stationery network marketing became the hottest word.Why are there want to construction the new model for stationery brand?Lepusheng stationery concluded four reason as follows:


One,"counter attack" from electronic commerce


Since 2009,as the financial crisis,most of companies to live frugally or reduce production to protects itself.But E-commerce was contrarian growth and ushered in the rare development opportunity. Various kind of brand enterprises also come into the Tianmao shop(the biggest online shop in China).2010 is a developing year for E-commerce,more and more enterprises are  create the e-commerce.And in 2011,the e-commerce was became one part of enterprises management.The data show that in 2011,the sales in the Chinese network shopping market was rise to 179.2 billion yuan.It was increased by 76.7% .


Two,Save cost


Online sales is save a lot of intermediate link.It realized to get the prodcut from the stationery manufacturers through the netwrok.Save the circulation through traditional distributor and wholesaler.Compared to the entity shop,the same prodcuts sell in the online shop has more competitive in price.


Three,Contact with consumers directly


The online products is updates faster and the good for the information collection.Network can provide a platform to exchange the information about stationery or other intereing things,it is help for the businessmen to close with consumers.


Four,stationery products are suitable for online sales


Compared with other industries,stationery industry is more suitable for the online sales.It don't to worry about the high freight like furniture products.Also need not to worry about there is no difference in the  traditional stores and online shores like clothing, cosmetics, home accessories and other products.Stationery product is in the fixed function,except to change the design,it is not obvious in the fashionable trend.


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