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2 in 1 Multifunction correction fluid from Lepusheng

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-21

Correction fluid, also calling for correction liquid,corrective fluid,liquid oil.It is one type of correction products.Used for  the paper to mask errors in text.It is the No.1 helper whethe in office or classroom.And nowdays,there are the correction tape and correction paper in the market.


Correction fluid are packing in small bottles and the lid has a attached brush since its invention in 1951.It can being cover a large area but diffcult to control the the flow of the fluid.Therefor,people to joined the spring in the bottle.It is convenience to control the fluid volume.To meet the different require,the correction liquid which combined with the brush and the spring was borned.As following,Lepusheng will show you that the 2 in 1 Correction fluid which  produced by themselves.Telling more knowledge about correction fluid.



LPS 8555 large capacity with 21ML 2 in 1 correction fluid.Easy model suit for the officer.Bright color bring appearing generous and simply. 21ML volume with the 2 in 1 function.More benefits and favorable.(Click here to view detail)


LPS 8647 Big eyes with 21ML correction liquid.Round body with the  lovely Japan and South Korea stationery style design.The jungle color is  gratifying. 2 in 1 design not only to meet the small covering requie,but also meet the large area covering.similar eyes model make the student's stationery more lively.(Click here to view detail)


Besides the above type.There is a type of correction fluid  packing in small bottles and the lid has a attached brush which dips into the bottle.And also with the spring-loaded.LPS 8599 office 2 in 1 correction liquid is the one which lid has a attached brush.There are no different in the appearence.Packing in blister card and the fashionable design is the best choice for the office.(Click here to view detail)


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