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How Do Stationery Enterprises Deal With The Rising Cost Effectively ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-14


        Due to the increasing prices  ,the raw materials,  transportation costs and the labor wages of stationery have also rise in comprehensiveness, which brings a greater competitive pressures to a lot of stationery manufacturers . In this situation of increasing cost but invariant sales ,many companies will digest their own pressure by raising the prices of stationery products , which also led to the "high priece" stationery market  .Transfer cost pressures through price increases is the modus of many businesses ,and  this is the most effective and direct way, while  consumers do not buy products in high price . So except from the  price increases, are there any effective way do stationery business  have to make an effective response to rising costs ? 
       Improve comfort level when using products
       Creative stationery attract more attention of  many consumers, so that more and more manufacturers will concentrate on researchig and developing  of products.  Meanwhile, there have been calls for the market requirements by increasing the technological content of stationery products, or improve product quality and other methods to transfer the costs .In fact, the development of high-tech products will be a corresponding increase in costs, and it only has a little effect on  transferring  the pressure! Actually, stationery products is just a simple and practical life product ,and no need to have any technology content, so that  as long as we concentrate on the convenience , that is how to make it convenient when consumers using it !
       It is not wrong to focus on the product development , but it is not necessary to study  those no need functional characteristics of the product, such as automatic pop-up pencil boxes, it seems like a   fancy products. Instead of spending big idea to study these things with  high-tech ,we should based on the user experience, to enhance the comfort index of products.  Simple and comfortable is what the most office white-collar pursuiting, so this is why office stationery is simpler than  students stationery .
      Optimize internal processes 
      In addition, the stationery and office stationery company who want to reduce costs should start to simplifiy some of the departments and  processes of inner enterprises.For example,  to enhance the  efficiency of corporate finance work  through information management, and meanwhile  to help enterprises reduce personnel costs in terms of a certain level, and  counsel positions within companies to ensure the successful completion of all aspects of the operation.  In this way it will save a huge enterprise funds, but also can accelerate the speed of the smooth development of the enterprise, allowing businesses to introduce more capable people.In a word ,their effect is multifaceted. 
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