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Export enterprises of stationery should be proactive to improve sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-12


         With the impact of financial crisis, let more and more export enterprises of stationery facing the sluggish market, the status of  poor sales record makes those small and medium enterprises have to find a way out, the stationery industry is facing the grim situation of foreign trade export environment, so how to go for the stationery exports in the future is a problem that  a lot of stationery enterprises think about .



        With the development of Chinese economy, the development of the society request to further strengthen the quality of national culture education , educational investment increased dramatically, this will make stationery industry has a very broad consumer market.So there are many stationery manufacturers began to enter into  the domestic stationery market to alleviate the pressure of the  recession of foreign trade.To open up the domestic market stationery brands is the focus,while to challenge the existing domestic "bosses" is not easy for export enterprises.


       When open up the domestic market, apart from the brand establishment, the improvement of the channels are particularly important.In addition, on the sales channels, the rise of e-commerce also is overwhelming, with the rising of electronic network technology and the continuous improvement of the modern logistics distribution, these will bigger impact to the existing stationery stores.


         Lepusheng stationery thinks the  industry will continue to be the condition of strong the stronger, weak the weaker .The current  transformation and upgrading of enterprise  is imperative.To do well in transform and upgrading , one is to innovate, the second is to improve the service.One of the innovative direction is the development of e-commerce ;Second is to adjust the supplier cooperation pattern,and  the pattern of profit distribution.In the aspect of  perfect service, we should intensify the service for merchants, customer , and change the way of  rent, actively carry out tests of various forms of promotion,so that attract more customers.


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