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How to keep the popularity when managing stationery business

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-09


         Development of office supplies attract many entrepreneurs, while there comes the  fierce competition to the market, this competition in industry makes stationery merchants no longer wait for customers like before,those stationery enterprises who want to stand in the market which is in the fierce competition still have a lot of efforts to do, Lepusheng stationery thinks there are several points below which is worth reading:



         One,fully display the stationery products 


         Shelves must be full, so that it can give a visual impression to the consumers that the products are rich and abundant.At the same time, it also can improve the sales ability  and storage function of shelves , and also correspondingly to reduce inventory, accelerate the  speed of turnover.The data show that, full display can increase sales by 24% on average.Varieties on the store shelves must be rich ,this is one of the main reason of increasing sales.If varieties are drab, shelves are empty in the storefronts, then customer is not willing to come in.


        Two, to build sales atmosphere


        Stationery stores should create an atmosphere of sales.When it is popular, naturally there will be customers.At the time when no consumers, we also should neaten products from time to time, adjust the decoration.Don't just sit at the door,then it will make consumers feel that this store is not in a high grade.


        Three, products should sustaining innovation


        Stationery products emerge in endlessly in the current market ,this is the performance that many manufacturers keep up with the popular element in timely, stationery stores should pay attention to infuse element of a new trend to store, and never miss the most fashionable elements that lead to the arrest of the consumers like.From the animated cartoon, film and television star ,we know that star effect or network culture is the most likely to lead to consumers and manufacturers,so that it is very necessary to focus on it.

         Fourth, regularly organize promotional activities,build up sales atmosphere


         Promotion is one of the effective ways to drive sales, no matter what kind of "speculation" it is , which can catch consumer attention will promote consumption, of course, the premise is a positive activity, this will depends the familiarity of the market, there must be an analysis of consumer behavior and a good comprehensive activity plan.To held activities ,on the one hand,it can bring hot sales,and on the other hand, it can keep the popularity, in a word , it will be helpful for the image of  stationery shops.


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