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The 114th Canton fair: stationery innovation with rising costs

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-08


As one of the largest commodities fair, the 114th Canton fair has held on the Pazhou exhibition,Guangzhou in 2013.It is understood that although there is show signs of recovery,most of enterprises said that the sales have not yet been good.The foreign trade recovery is not firm.In addition,increase cost of labor,RMB appreciation also the adverse factors affecting exports.There are many enterprises make out the new products at the fair.Some of them are improve the  level of automated production, or expand the new marekt to make the innovation and improve the competitiveness.
Product innovation is always the important impetus of the enterprises's development.As the homogenized competition and the rising cost, all of them make the business more and more difficult.Most of stationery manufacturers only to open the new products and leave the customers by brand and quality.Compared to todays,creative stationery manufacturers have more sensitivity in price.Especially in the  fair,there are the faster upgrading of products,best price for the high technical and new stationery.The competitive advantage will be more obvious.
Improve the level of stationery production
In fact, there was rose 20% of labor cost and the RMB appreciation have became te two major factors for the enterprises.Stationery industry as one of the labor-intensive industries,there is the big demand of poeple.But increase costs of labor has made the China without the advantage yet.The costs has rose by 10% since this year,but customer only can  accept 5% price increase.The middle of the price only has to be digested by the enterprises themselves. So,how to improve the upgrade equipment and improve the automation of production.It is very important for stationery manufacturer.
Develop new market
The European market has continued downturn since last year.Most of enterprises began to develop new market than to find the new growth point.Because most of traditional importing market has focused on Europe and the United States before.Although contact with bewteen Africa, South America, southeast Asia and other places is higher and higher.It is far less than the former.So this fair,the sponsor also increased the development of the emerging markets.
From the 114th Canton fair.More and more exporting enterprises have got the good sales though the technological innovation,products design and brand effection.At the same time,enterprises have expand the broad market with novel design and creative production.
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