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Lepusheng pass positive energy of love in flood

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-26

    On August 17, there was a heavy rainfall events in Chaoyang and Chaonan district,Shantou,Guangdong. It caused many roads be covered by water,a lot of demage to farmland.And most of village in severe waterlogging. It is in serious cases.

   After heard the news,the top leaders of Lepusheng stationery have pay attention,they have emergency purchase a batch of emergency supplies such as mineral water,rice and bread,ect to disaster area.And the general manager of Lepusheng, Shaojian,Guo has personally led the supplies to he hard-hit town of Chaona Fuzhou village.

    This relief materials includes 300 packets of rice (50 kg per pack),300 cases of mineral water,200 cases of bread,300 cases of canned rice porridge.It was loading on the afternoon of 22,August.After more than an hour's drive,Lepusheng company finally arrived the Yumiao elementary school, the sites which placed relief materials.It is reported that the heavy rains led hard-hit to local people.So that the goverment opened up a elementary school to placed relief materials.There are about 40-50 centimeters of water covered in the road,and power cut after the heavy.
    The principal of Yumiao elementary school said that there are large number of victims, people has been very optimistic about supplies.And now, the relief materials from Lepusheng stationery is very useful for the villagers.The leader of Lepusheng conveyed the careful from the social to all the masses.Hope they overcome difficulties and restore production and life as soon as possible.
    This batch of goods, will be distributed to the affected people at the fastest .To help the affected people move to resume production as soon as possible.Let's pass the positive energy of love and common blessing the affected people.

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