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Take the new business opportunities in fast fashion

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-14

Fast is become one of fashion,it is popular in China.Under the fast fashion,people are keen to puchase the products which follows up popular.high frequency and low price.

Now,it is the age of the Internet with the fast transmission speed and wide ragne of information.The wind of fashion is easy to blow and esy to be covered for other fashion.In the such background,the demand of office supplies is big.So,how to face the such new trend for stationery enterprise?

Firstly, stationery manufacturers should to adjust the strategy of product.To promote the low-end fashion stationery.Most of stationery product are ordinary with easy desgin and easy in use.It is suit to the student which look for the creative stationery or keen to the Internet.Obviously,under the impact of fast tide,ease of use and the reasonable price are become more and more important.

Secondly,stationery manufacturers began to sress the apperance design of office stationery.And make the varied in apperance then to improve more choose for consumers.For a long time,Lepusheng correction tape is designed in the style of easy and simple.At latest,the new correction tape are use the coloful color and strong visual impact.The upgrade correction product are more suitable to the people.

Thirdly,In the promotion of stationery product.Stationery factories are to attract the consumers to renew the demand throught new products,new feeling and new idea of life.The yound people are pay more attention to the consumption feeling.They pursuit the fashion and new things without any real value.But it can bring the fresh feeling and the good mood.The emotional need such as boast is over the use value of stationery.

Fast fashion is test the knowledge system and operation of stationery enterprise.It is shook the traditional culture which take the technology as key.

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