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Back-to-school,stationery stores will compete for the "cake"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-09


          With the end of the summer holiday, there comes the new semester at universities.Students' parents are busy buying stationery products for their children. In recent years, with the improvement of consumption level, "economy" of the "cake" is bigger,so it becomes the battleground of the stationery enterprises, at the same time, high cost has become the season of "burnning money" fot the consumers.



          Sales of students stationery get into double


          The strong demand of the market means the increase of sales,no matter which stationery store is,once the new term is coming,then the sales of the students stationery is at least double than usual.The primary and middle school students not only will choose the stationery products in high price,but also like to choose the category,parents always support the children's school supplies, no matter how expensive the price is, as long as the children like then they will buy for them.


           In addition to learning supplies, sales of teaching book also ushered in the peak.A lot of stationery shops will show the discounted advertising about the leaching book and children's books etc.In addition, some stationery stores will also place the advertising about sending correction tape,water cup and plush toys when you get to the full price,then to boost sales.


          Freshman's bill become ten thousand yuan


          As the college students begin to sign up, the entrance equipment is also "high-end".Computers, mobile phones, cameras and other digital products, has become the necessary equipment for the college freshmen.While including the tuition and the consumption easily is over ten thousand yuan.Compared with college students, primary and middle school students spend less, no cell phones, computers and so on big spending, the consumption is given priority to with clothing, bags, stationery.


            With the gradual improvement of the living standards, and most of the familys are the one-child family, in order to win on the starting line, or they will think about "the new semester must to have new atmosphere, then they will do better in logistics such as equipping with sophisticated equipment for their children.


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