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Lepusheng stationery analysis: stationery industry transformation is urgently needed

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-03

At present,whether the domestic enviroment or foreign enviroment is very complex.There is appear many new problems.At abroad,the political and sovereign debt turmoil in Europe and the US has been more intense.The economy of the developed economies and the emerging economies has declining.It is bad for the Chinese stationery industry development. The domestic industrial economy is maintain steady and fast growth.But the developing unbalance problems still appeared a series of challenges such as declining  growth dynamic,tight supply, the inflationary pressures and the enterprise benefit decline.



Face to the cost crisis,the stationery enterprises under the pressure and have to facing urgent transformation and upgrading of responsibility challenges.Lepusheng stationery thinks that the urgency need for the stationery industry transformation has basically the following several reasons:


First,Stationery industry is in the line of labor intensive.It is easy for the production and management.but there are the energy consumption and the serious pollution of material.Under the trend of the sustainable development.Energy conservation and emission reduction was facing a severe challenge.


Second.Most of stationery enterprises has in the production of high consumption and  low value-added products.Many stationery supplier are do the OEM stationery products manufacturing and in the botteom of the industrial chain.The rising costs has  directly affected the already thin profit margins.


Three.The competition in the industry has been increasingly fiercehas.There are most of foreign exprort stationery factories have turns salse in crowded domestic market.The cake is small but the eater is increasing.The market rules in survival and the game rules also have changed.The participants should pay more attentiona to the adapt to the new rules of the game.


Four.Stationery enterprise has been to the inflection of the 30 years of reform and open policy and the 10 years  gold development.Labor prices is no loger unlimited supply,OEM production trade mode with low value-added products,rising raw material cost and the operation costs.All of this has showing the diffcult to maintain in the existing development pattern for the stationery industry.The domestic scholars have estimation there are only 10 years transitional period for the China trade.


Five, Stationery industry could't improved the more competitive advantage based on the low cost,takes the hardware and the contempt software,takes the copy and contempt invvovation.Pay more attention to the scale development instead of the quality and benefit sustainable development.Result in the stationery industry cose the door or  in failure since the low cost advatage far away.


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