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Diffcult to breakthough old marketing for brand stationery manufacturer

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-27

After several years of market expansion, China stationery market is close to saturation, especially after the n foreign capital into the China.There is the higher request for the stationery enterprise in sales channel and terminal marketing.The attraction of traditional sales and low price has been reduced.And the termianl  marketing needs to be change.

The change of terminal marketing is closely to the enteprises brand.It will be easy to expand the terminal marketing with the higher brand awareness.Foreign brand enter the China always through long-term strategic planning.Make the brand leading then to expand to the second and third line markets.And the domestic always to leading in the second and third line markets then to do the expansion through promotion.

There is the big different with foreign in marketing.China stationery manufacturers lacking the core  marketing strategy of brand construction.Most of brand to expand the market through network construction and terminal sales channel construction.As we can't confront the foreign big brand.we should to expand our business to the countries.

The traditional sales model agent and dealer is play a promoting role for the stationery expansion.But after a certain scale,it is needs to think out some new way to attract the consumers in the face of other brand competition.To do the personalized design of stationery products than to provide the unique shopping experience to the consumers.

Such as there are many kinds of stationery in student stationery market.But with the serious homogeneity.To find out the position of customers and the strategy of products in the sales.It can make the different brand experience for consumers.Most of agents or electric platform will choose the product according to their standard instead of the orginal products.

Anyway,traditional marketing has out of time.The strategy of target customers,product promotion,brand promotion are the key development to the stationery enterprise in the change of marketing.To build complete and mature system of terminal marketing.

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