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Stationery enterprises can actively explore stationery gift market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-03


          Since ancient times, there are extensive and profound gift culture in China, in the domestic market there are also a huge gift market.This is the reason why more and more stationery enterprises rush into the gift market.It can be showed in some stationery exhibitions recent years, lots of  partial businessman are not large purchaser of office stationery, but they are very interested in stationery because they see the stationery as a gift, especially those sold to Japan and South Korea they particularly attach importance to the beauty of the gift .



          In South Korea, for example, it is different between China and Korean on gift-giving habits , China pay attention to face human feelings, while South Korea is only pay attention to daily etiquette, amd the practicability.This is the reason why more and more original middlemen used to buy stationery products as gift, they deeply understand Korean cultural habits, and put stationery products as gifts to meet the demand of the local market.Emphasize the practical function is the first condition of choosing gifts, just think of selective and valuable gifts can not be sold out for the unusefulness , then the meaning of this gift must be lost.In the modern, stationery with exquisite packaging, complete variety, excellent function and reasonable price, can not only be the good assistant in your daily learning and in the office, but  also a great gifts for family and friends.Strong practicability, high use degree and gift stationery set to cater to the needs of modern life.


           Stationery market rush into the present market, make more and more enterprises realize that if you want to open market rapidly with your products in the domestic, you must set up your own domestic brand.At present there are three deficiencies exist in our country, on the connotation of the brand, although there are so many stationery brands, it lack of value orientation support;On the brand architecture, it lack of the support of corresponding city and the enterprise level;On the performance of brand ,it lack of professionalism of execution, consistency, and innovative.


          Gift industry is a booming developing and potential industry.Actually it  is a kind of expression that stationery enterprises get into the high-end gifts markting, and it is also one of the upgrades that product develop to a certain stage, stationery gift, need to base on good quality and design, and successful gifts marketing needs the powerful brand, when the enterprise has a certain brand strength and production capacity, then the gifts can be in  the best effect.


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