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Stationery enterprise should take what kind of strategy in the market?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-15

At present,the tendency of Chinese stationery industry product  is homogeneity,the rising raw meterial prices made the marginal profit.The stationery enterprises are facting the development bottleneck.They need a set of effective plan to expand the market like go to war.And whak kind of strategy suit for the stationery enterprises in the market?

Knowing yourself and your enemy is a precondition of victory.Most of stationery enterprises are small and medium-sized in stationery industry,thet were builted in short time and have a large gap in the stationery enterprise management level.Some of them has a poor production factory,lacked the management and theindustry management personnel.The stationery production level has behind.Low labor productivity and the lack of  development ability. Unique advantage without highlighting and the lack of the designer.It caused  the same products appearance.


Facing the such situation,Lepusheng stationery thinks there are two aspects needs more attention immediately in stationery industry.


A.Lack of diversity,and the serious market price


The intense competition getting worse in the stationery brand.Actually,for the stationery enterprise with culture and well-known products,they easy to get to the high-end in market.But now the stationery market siuation is not optimistic.A large number of stationery enterprises and the stationery product in homogeneity,lack of diversity.And the reducing price caused the poor quality into market.That is why the lack of the diversity in the market.To improve the diversity in the market also the ways Lepusheng taken.There are the LPS Ipone shape correction tape with the good appearance and patten,it sell well in the market, even though it high than market about 10% in price.


B.Rising raw material prices made the marginal profit


There were appear many brand and made the intense competition in the stationery materials market.The stationery price also influence of raw meterials.With the exploitation of energy,how to search for new materials to replace the existing production raw material is a big problem.Lack of the raw materials can't be solve in the short time.Ram material prices has been rising,and the product profit margins are squeezed,the changing of market economy just a reasonable profit.


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