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Increase the added value of the brand ,stationery enterprises should improve R&D

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-06


       With the development of stationery industry , more and more consumers begin to brand consumption.Because it is so hard to pick out the best quality products in lots of stationery products, consumers gradually give hope to the brand of stationery.And how to improve the added value of the brand, and attract more consumers' attention has become the new direction of  many stationery manufacturer .


       Strengthen technology research and development


       Technical breakthrough is the key factor to keep eternal youth in all the industry .Stationery enterprises must strengthen the investment in technology research and development, and forge ahead, to walk the way of independent research and development, developing  cultural value itsself, seize market opportunities  in a rapidly changing market environment .The innovation of technology,  also can help enterprise to break the limit of  technical barriers of export environment and the environmental protection,so that can  highlight the quality of the products, developping  their confidence of foreign trade .


       Personalized design


      The deepening of the research and development,can not only improve the quality level of stationery products, but the key is to enhance  the innovation consciousness of stationery manufacturer.For a long time, stationery manufacturer in China always produce the production designed  by the customers,and  rarely develop their own products, it also caused the main reason that  the stationery made in China  can only earn a small profit.Therefore strengthen technology research and development is very necessary for stationery suppliers.Young people in the 80 s and 90 s begin to enter the market, and gradually became the main force of the stationery consumption, these consumers have higher education and grow up under the information age are pursuing the products with  fashion and rich individual character .Therefore,when take great importance to the functionality of the stationery products,stationery manufacturers should also pay attention to the individual design of products ,to suit the demand of the market changes.


        Enhancing the added value of the brand


        Although stationery products are fast consumable products, in stationery management, service for consumers is very important.Good service not only can guide consumers to buy , eliminate consumers' doubt,  feedback of consumers should be timely follow up in the after-sales period..After all, from the point of social development trend, the service will also become the focus of any business.When it is too difficult to decrease the level of  product quality, technical support , the service level has become the great force in each big enterprise to compete for the market.


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