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LPS had a distributor meeting in the year of 2011 in Shanghai and Create a brilliant future hand in hand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-02

LPS had a distributor meeting in shanghai on June 27,2011.At the meeting ,General manager Mr Guo discussed the “LPS” brand strategy and work deployment plan  of the year of 2011 ,especially for the topic how to improve the brand competitiveness of LPS brand and how to manage the dealers effectively .


Mr Guo –The general manager of Lepusheng company


It is now the time for “LPS” brand to promote.The product, channel and marketing and etc .have made great achievements. The core ideas of the meeting is the future development of “ LPS “ brand and main subject is to fully improve the core competitiveness of the dealers .So as to effectively help the dealers to solve the market problem,promote band and keep the dealers and sales staff sustained, stable, healthy and rapid growth

At the meeting ,General Manager Mr Guo made a brief report concerning on markets achievements of “LPS”brand in the first half of 2011 .He not only express thanks and welcome to all of business partner ,but also also said LPS will continue to strengthen the research ,production and channels ,so to provide More and better conditions for the development of the band and growth of the company .In addition,Mr Guo invited all dealers to work with LPS stationery together to strengthen market development and publicity,to promote the brand influence in the key period with the economic integration, the channel, normalization and brand fast development .


At the meeting

In view of the current problems dealer have in stationery industry  ,the sales director showed that the market situation is not only rely on a single product sales profit ,but need a lot of complex link to realize,from the brand positioning ,Market positioning ,store location ,cost account ,profit account ,combination of products,image and other aspects .He put forward all kinds of practical problems and solution in the process of management .


Dealers’ discussion at the meeting  


The R&D dept.of LPS and dealers put forward their ideas and suggestion very actively at the meeting ,to provide better way for research and development work progress of LPS stationery product . "We have always attach great importance to LPS stationery and cooperate with it  because it is full of good faith and market competitiveness ,through this distributor meeting greatly enhanced our confidence to the market and make the LPS brand more stronger” said the dealers .


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