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Transformation and upgrading of domestic stationery production

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-13


         As long as there is benefi,there will be competition, and there must be a fierce competition when there is a significant benefit .In front of fierce market competition,stationery products is now facing the process of industrial transformation and upgrading,when talking about profit and competitiveness of stationery products, the "added value" always mentioned incidentally. As the bad environment of  internal and external economic , the profit margins are compressed again and again, it makes exports enterprise of stationery very helpless, in order to walk out of such a predicament, enterprises need to accelerate the process of transformation and upgrading.



        For design and production of stationery products,it is particularly important whether they can put forward the new pattern,it also can be seen from the arise of creative stationery、environmental friendly stationery .Many stationery enterprises realize that  they should have more positive innovation consciousness to activate the market  space that gradually compressed again and again, and of course the transformation and upgrading has become the most urgent thing to do.In the , the trade fair recent years, it is not hard to find a lot of new products with some creative elements,so that to attract guests' attention.


         Compared with the traditional stationery, creative stationery is much more than just physical differences, and the stationery concept of brand is much more stronger than the traditional marketing concept.There are a lot of enterprise which spend a lot of time into this link , such as a more environmentally friendly stationery materials, and design more unique stationery modelling, perhaps more concise or fancy.Compared with the traditional stationery, the more intelligent and novelty new products will increase about ten percent of profit in the original foundation , which is the main cause of many stationery manufacturers flocking.


          At the same time, some of the animated cartoon characters are popular with students, in recent years,the more domestic cartoon characters are used on stationery products, in the authorization ,design and manufacture of stationery products, most of the domestic stationery export enterprises will consciously find out that they will lags behind  if not  advance , because of this, in the case of profits, the development  is compressed, some high-growth toys and gifts export enterprises coming towards  from the road.


         Each new product  has its audience, stationery enterprises should constantly adding new vitality and the use value, in this case, to open the sale of stationery products, and product profits can also be guaranteed ,too.No matter they sale in domestic market or abroad, stationery manufacturers must always adhere to the spirit of  innovation , to give people more hopes, as a result, the market development will be able to create economic interests, the enterprise interests.


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