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Good helper:LPS 206 refillable tape for NO.201

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-25



         This is another new product of Lepusheng--NO.206.Now you will never have trouble about the refillable tape for glue tape!



         Traditional double sided glue tape always has the problems of being hard to tear, material waste and so on,so that it is questioned is by the new generation of students.Compared to traditional double sided glue tape, students are more willing to choose convenient, practical, fashionable, environmental protection glue tape.



          This is the simple way of using,just gently have a pull, not towing,it is thinner, so that it can apply to all kinds of occasion of pasting.When having this small glue tape in hand,then it will solve the problem of pasting everywhere for you.



          This is a kind of refillable glue tape which has the same size of NO.201.The NO.206 refillable glue tape reflects the environmental protection concept of our company, because just one shell can be refillable, avoid wasting, then let the stationery products be more environmental.



          The structure of the gear has high precision,so that each rotation will be more stable.There is a small knob for turing,it is manual when you are using it, then to ensure the product to be smooth.



          Lasted for the good quality of the NO.201 double sided glue tape, it is light,convenient, no wiredrawing.LPS NO.206 dedicated for you with its high quality so that you make use it for longer time.



          Lepusheng"Cruise glue tape" comes to us, dedicated to build high quality glue tape and the perfect using feeling,so how can you miss it?


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