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Stationery industry will enter a turning priod

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-14

As the appreciation of  RMB and the International enconmic.The stationery brand has started to fall.As far as the domestic market.The increasing costs of raw materials and shipping price,the high shop's rent ect.All of them are made the stationery distributor feel under pressure.The decline profits has become the shadow for the economic growth.Resulted in the complain incessantly from downstream enterprise.


With the increased cost of the raw materials and the labor force,it should caused the rising prices in the products cost.Any industry will enter the maager profit as it developing.Like stationery manufactures and the stationery dealers can't been long time in the high profit.The age for huge profits has over.Said some insiders that stationery industry has been to the manager profit.The enterprise needs to make the most of ram raw materials,reduce the stock,give full play to artificial efficiency,improve the procurement and sales line.Each process cost may control the profit.


China stationery industry will enter a momentous turning priod,depand on the independent innovation and management.Turned single pursuit of production scale into the quality and efficiency.And turned the copy into the owe creat in the technology.Changing disordered competition to an orderly competition.


Stationery industry is going to the meager profit,many brand has begun to seek a new way to suit to the market.Such as set up the factory,or creat a sub-brand and so on.By the 11th five-year,stationery enterprises should to follow the requirement of marke.And the stationery enterprises also need to solve the over demand.


To solve the stationery products sales problems.Ont only depend on the increasing in the order,but also need to on the top point to adjust the raw meterial supply,economic growth, the production structure and the cost control.To control the growth speen under the expected,then speed up the stationery enterprise development mode.


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