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The analyzes of present fashion situation for the student stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-26

In 2010 ,Students’stationery create a bran-new complexion. Stationery  from Japan and Korea is the best-selling ,include those have Innovative ,multifunctional and environmental friendly deisgn. Various patterns
are doing good sale at market.Market competition tends to be stronger. Nowadays, what kind of popular trend will  the students’stationery face to ?


Stationery with design of animation and online games be popular

Taking a comprehensive view of students’stationery market, it is easy to find the animation and online game are made the best use for the students supplies .The products designed with idea of animation and online game are very popular, such as the SEER and TUSKI. It proves that they are going to have broad market prospect in future.


The environmental friendly stationery exported rapidly

It is sure that export of stationery supplies has recovered  in 2010.International market will have a great demand for it. Since the concept of green and the environmental protection prevails, International buyers could have more choices.In 2010,all stationery with environmental protection design selled rapidly and becomes a favorite to the international market.


The traditional stationery welcomes the new opportunity 

In recent years ,along with China industrial policy adjustment, many profession's strengths had the target promotion, particularly the stationery supplies, most of them have the proprietary intellectual property rights . Chinese characteristic student stationery's selling well is the best proof. Traditional stationery with the typical Chinese New Year's style, brings vigor for market, also has increased the trifle cheerful atmosphere. 


The creativity stationery create the new patterns 

The creativity stationery is called "popular stationery  "and  "innovation stationery"and so on, it is designed and manufactured by some designers and the artists ,  it integrates the artistic creation element. The stationery mould has entrusted with the new concept and the new imagination, brings the pleasure for the life study, attracts the students who is asking for new things.


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