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Five principles of run stationery shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-13

"Excellent quality and reasonable price".That is the consumer always seek.And also one of basic tactics in the operators compete.That is easy to find that the low price always bring the best sell.If you want to keep the good business for the stationery shop,the following principles from LPS stationery maybe can be help.


Small profits but quick turnover


Although the pofits is small for the stationery.Small profits and quick turnover also can bring  benefit.And  the benefit can be improved steadily through the long-term cooperation.


Timely promotion


In general,the sale steps of the stationery are make money and keep costs,than carry out the promotion in the planned.And make a reasonable arrangement for sale at last.
As the stationery have the high turnover,the stationery need to be selled fast once in the market.


According to local conditions


What kind of stationery should be based on brand?What kind of stationery can sell on the low price or make the different class.It is all depend on the local conditions.As there are the different product and different consurmer groups on the local market.


Purchase from factory


From the factory direct purchaseIt can reduce the intermediate spends then cut down the purchase costs if direct purchase from factory.Get along with the office supplier.On the one hand,it can win moredicount space.On the other hand can receive lasest product trend in the best time.


Superior service


The excellent service will give the good feeling to the customer,Which is beneficial to increase customer loyalty.It is no easy to run the stationery shop and  bring the rich profit.The above five principles maybe can help.


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