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Magical effect of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-02-10


         Office stationery is the little helper in our daily life, no matter in class or in the office, they are always there.Then do you know whether there are some more methods to meet our demand apart from the daily use?Now lepusheng will show you some new skills of office stationery, so please quickly get them up!



          1. Some lovely stationery products which can give you decompression


          If you think the stationery with the effect of decompression can just add green in the office, then I will tell you that it is far more than you can image.Those lovely stationery is no longer just fit for the student groups,now they step into the  tables of office white-collar.Paper clips in shape of mini animal,cartoon pens,correction tapes in umbrella shape and so on,now all of them become the "decoreations"on the table of office family.


          In the development of stationery products in recent years, it can be easy to see that most of the cultrural goods are in accordance with the popular elements, more and more students stationery have unique modelling, and seems so funny.And office white workers are not only favored concise office stationery, these funny stationery will give more lively feelings for their table,brings a vivid feeling to the rigorous office environment.


          2. Round head pens which can give you beauty


          When working in the office,it is hartd to avoid fatigue, at this time, picked up the pens by your side, use round shape head to knead your skin,and make you have good spirit immediately, at the same time it also can relieve your working fatigue and stress of a day.


          First of all, you can use the round head of the pen to knead the acupuncture point on the ears,four times for each ear, each time for ten seconds.This massage can relieve brain fatigue.Second, pressing with round head of the pen to knead the lower side temple, clockwise and anti-clockwise to draw circlet for several times, each time can maintain 10 to 15 seconds.This massage can relieve stress.Then, use the round head of the pen to knead the two sids of the nose keep 10 seconds at a time.This massage can deduct from the intraocular pressure, fade black rim of the eye.


          Finally,use the pen to knead your top-down neck,it is not only can make blood flow, accelerate lymph drainage, and also can relieve neck fatigue after long time work.


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