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Creativity can promote sustainable development of stationery brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-26


          As the stationery market changed from the export to both inside and outside market, more and more stationery enterprises call upon the brand.At the same time, consumers also take more attention to the stationery brand, to shape the brand, the sustainable development of stationery brand, stationery enterprises must have certain creativity,include the following:



          The design of the sense of students stationery


          Product innovation ability mainly on the design feeling of students stationery, as we all know, the novel and unique modelling of stationery products can always attract attention of consumers in the first time.Therefore,it is very intuitive originality of stationery design,and also the first step to attract consumer attention.Creative stationery is welcomed by the masses, in fact, it is because of the changing attitudes of consumers, in addition to the requirements for product quality,young consumers also attaches great importance to the product's personality differences in a certain extent.


           The new function of student stationery


           Why does new function of students stationery is a kind of thrust stationery brand?Because most students stationery is very single, especially on the material of products, because of the cultural products are consumables, so the protection of environment is almost zero, so the use of multiple cycle is particularly important.And the most direct way to perform the fashionable and multi-functional stationery is environmental pootection.So the appearance of environmental protection stationery shows that people have higher requirement on stationery products.

            Of course, the establishment of a brand is not enough just only on the above two factors, sustainable development of brand is indispensable.After all, in China, there are so many homogeneity of the manufacturers,if a brand want to continue to go on,then there will be great demands of creativity on enterprise itself.


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