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Technology gap has shrinked but stationery innovation grow slowly

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-30


          Along with the development of the stationery industry,and a powerful production channels, cost advantage,the quality level of products in China also gradually narrowed to the overseas product, however, lack of innovation consciousness and brand consciousness let stationery manufacturers meet difficulties in development,so we must strengthen technological innovation, and gradually build own brand in the international market,so  there is a long way to go to the stationery enterprises.



           It is well-known that no factory can be alive long with only one product, continuous product innovation of design can further enhance the image of stationery manufacturers in the consumers' mind, further enhance brand awareness, this requires that stationery manufacturers must have the awareness of tightly close to the domestic consumer and strong ability of capturing the hot spots in the market .In addition,if stationery companies want to stay ahead of the market, then they must establish continuous technology research and development advantages in new products, new technology, new technology, new materials, etc, so the enterprise need long term and full reserves and professional talent team to support the continuous innovation of the products in production technologies, processes and materials, etc.From the angle of industry chain,stationery products have gradually been mature,so we should exploit the characteristics of stationery products in the future.The environmental protection and educational stationery products are also very popular in the development road, from the development to the market it can be seen that this unique stationery products are very popular with the consumers.


           Stationery enterprises should improve the ability of innovation,and it is very important to pay attention to research and development strength, focus on popular elements of the market, combined with consumer opinion.Fusion of various information, then we can create a product which can meet the requirements of stationery market in China.And apart from visiting the traditional market, it's also important to search for information from the Internet, especially the development of the Internet, more and more platform can help enterprises to obtain consumer information, also can help suppliers to spread the latest information of the enterprise.


           On the innovation of stationery products,in addition to know the market popular element,and pay attention to the characteristics of science and technology of enterprises, we should also prevent others copying, protecting research and development and strengthen the technology protection of enterprise also cannot be ignored.


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