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New stationery for new term:creative and fashion statioenery is key

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-16

To buy new stationery is the indispensable cyclo in the each comin semester.Whether the  primary and middle school students or university students will begin to buy the new product in those moment.The coming semester also the peak season for the stationery.In the years of 2013,which type of stationery will become the new trend?Lepusheng stationery will shows you the new view as followes:

High scientific and technological stationery

The people who borned after 1990 is the mian stationery consumption groud in China.It is differecult to get their favor.Because they has grew up in the new era with a lot of developed medial .And most of them have the strong receptive concept,"Different"is the key point of their consumption concept.The requirements of the stationery product quality and performance will keep improving.

Chinese stationery was within the low technology content by comparison with the importing stationery.To hold those consumers is the new challenge for the stationery manufacturer.

Creative and fashion are the keys

It is easy to find the student stationery are no longer the old appearance in the stationery shops.The gule is packaged in small beer bottles,the ball pen look like a pills,and the new product of Lepusheng lipstick style correction fluid.Those previously undreamed stationery had been designed and welcomed in market.It’s no doubt that the fashionable stationery and creative stationery are the hottest stationery product in the market.
Environmental protection stationery  also "crazy".

Under the promotion of the environmental protection,the environmental protection stationery is emerges as the time requires.Those renewable materials and green new syle stationery is popular in the students.There are more and more stationery make the environment protection as the fashion.And also to be the future development direction of the stationery manufacturers.

Given all this, it's easy to find that whether the modeling features of the stationery product or its technology content and the product safety.Or the change in the environmental protection performance.In fact,it is changing basis on the time changing.The stationery industry only continuous to impove in the demand so that to realize the industrial upgrading.

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