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The 108th China stationery commodity fair 2014

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-15



【Exhibition information】


Show time: 2014-06-05 ~ 2014-06-07
The exhibition site (pavilion) :  NO. 2345 Longyang Road Pudong,Shanghai (Shanghai new international expo center)
Organizer: Zhongbai Cultural exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD
Undertaker: Zhongbai Cultural exhibition (Beijing) co., LTD
Support the co-organizer: (special support): the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China
Support units: Department of commercial association of China and writing instrument association in China


【Background 】


           The 108th China stationery commodity fair will be held on 6.5 to 6.7, 2014 at Shanghai new international expo center.There are 600 exhibitors, 1500 standard booths, 30000 square meters of exhibition area, 40000 professional audience, it will  be the largest and the most influential industry event in China.It has the history of  more than hundred years,which has the reputation of "NO.1 stationery",it comes in June every year. As a professional trade show for many years that focus on domestic market,the exhibition is becoming the most influential and attractive platform for supplying and demanding of stationery products, and it is also the best opportunity that domestic and foreign manufacturers can develop China's cultural goods market, the personage inside course come to Shanghai, communicating, cooperating and guide the trend of industry development .


【The exhibition scope 】


          Student stationey, cultural and educational supplies, modern office equipment and teaching instrument, animation and culture creative products, DIY open mind products,Office supplies, digital products of computer and IT , paper and paper products, four treasures, printing and packaging supplies, photographic equipment, measurement of surveying and mapping products, sports and fitness equipment, recreation supplies, stationery, gifts, travel supplies, art supplies, writing instruments and production equipment, accessories, office stationery, office furniture, office supplies, office daily groceries, etc.


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