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Multi-function stationery widely popular and be Stationery market new focus

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-02

Stationery industry is not the traditional hot industry, but it is the most perfect industry which develop the most quickly in China light industry. The annual sales of China stationery and office supplies consumption market is more than RMB 100 billion . It is this vast consumption market attracting more and more foreign stationery manufacturers and distributors.

Although wide prospect of stationery market, challenge and opportunity coexist in  stationery industry in 2012.  As people living standard rise, to the requirements of stationery products not only fastidious practical, but also pay more and more attention to the product fashion and multi-functional. In the large department store, the authority figures show that in 70% of consumption in the stationery reference elements is not only the main functions of the products, they take more interests in the additional function instead and also the product fashionable originality and multifunctional factor, this also prompted stationery enterprises to speed up the pace of product innovation design at the same time .

In addition to the popular multi-functional pencil box in recent years,

the "transformers" multi-function ruler appear in the market recently, it has the ruler, compasses, triangle, protractor and other functions. In addition, we usually use gels pen with cartridge, but now we can see gels pens without core but it has the function of storage ink. Their tip could be suitable for any ink and changed at will. For manufacturers, it undoubtedly save a lot of cost. And its service life is long, can be repeated use. The practicability and multi-functional

have a perfect combination, so to get the favor of many consumer.

It shows that the trend of the development of stationery and cultural goods will abandon products with the traditional single function, to be replaced by both fashion and multi-function products. In the future, personality, low carbon specially the concept of environmental protection is also gradually paid attention to, so as to gradually change the past stationery industry product design intrinsic mode.

The advantage of fashion and multi-function stationery is increasingly prominent, this advantage also declared the new age coming for the stationery market, grasp this advantage is the key for the enterprise to grasp the market opportunity, Especially in the present uncertain economic times, stationery enterprise just should follow the market rules, and not only to the development of manufacturing industry, also to develop research and design service ability. By constantly strengthen innovation ability, conform to the trend of the development of the stationery market, to become the biggest winner of the market.


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