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The analysis of competitiveness for Lepusheng branding operation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-12

There is a saying among stationery field that is:third-rate company produces products,second-rate company builds brand,first-rate company executes standard.No matter whether customers accept this point or not. Undeniable, more and more companies have updated from products to brands with the competitive intensifies; the same is the stationery industries.So what do the brands competition of the companies mainly incarnate for?

1. Coreorientation

The precondition for an enterprise to exist and develop is its accurate core orientation.Any company must have the keen insight and the accurate grasp for the market if they want to develop.The orientation includes the customers,products and the sales channel. Lepusheng is mainly for correction tape and correction fluid while its orientation is medium top grade in domestic.They mainly chooses the agency for stationery which is the same level for the orientation of correction series.


2. Professional innovation


The guarantee for enhancing brand competitiveness is based on the innovation of technology.For the R&D of the products,Lepusheng constantly exploit new products and provide replacement according to the requirement of the market so that they can offer customers different products.At the same time,it’s a way to improve, train, consolidate ourself.Innovation is a important way to build brand competition and guaranty to increase it.

To meet the requirements of the customers that we must have full understanding,esteem and grasp the their demands,then they feel satisfied and loyalty for the brand.Actually,brand is the same as customers.It’s an important point to measure the brand competition of the company is the ability of meeting the requirements of the customers and maintain the relations with the customers. No only on the products but also after sales service,Lepusheng do the best for meeting requirements of customers.


 4. Honesty management

The key for maintaining brand competitiveness is how to build the credit for enterprise and then transfer it into the intangible assets.In this era of consuming market,the customers more and more like to buy the additional value of products,not only the simple products.The brand is rely on its credit so the company has to be honest the customers and then get the trust of them.Lepusheng stationery is successfully awarded the title of"observing contract and valuing credit"for four years from 2007-2011, not only means the contract  management and credit management are more and more complete, but also reach a certain height in the industrial and commercial bureau.     

5.Optimizing management


Each enterprise is seeking the management pattern that suits itself only to enhance its brand competitiveness.It has substantive meaning to build and perfect the managing structure system for an enterprise which including quality management,operation management,talent management etc.Lepusheng stationery makes great efforts to realize its maximum value of branding and enhancement of brand competitiveness by optimizing enterprise administration,making and intergrating the current situation of development,startegis of future delevelopment etc.


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