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Role of student stationery promotion in stationery sales

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-03


New term is coming in September.In the past month,there are the hot competition in stationery market.Stationery manufacturers can make a lot of money during new term.In order to improve the sales of stationery supplies,most of stationery suppliers to do the promotion such as reduction,send free gifts and improve other service.
Promotion is to improve the sales of goods through various activities to attract consumers.Reasonable promotion can effectively improve the stationery sales,promotion is a way to improve the market sales.So,do you know what is the main role of sales promotion in stationery sales?
One,reduce the inventory pressure
Rapid development of student stationery also improve the update of new products.Different from the office stationery, student stationery is personality and popular.Once miss the best time to catch up the popular new,stationery factory will cause the inventory products.Basides the new proudcts,with the more and more mature of old stationery products.The bigger production will bring the innventory.In order of alleviate the inventory,sales promotion is the best choice.
Two,Increase new product promotion
In order to eliminate the resistance psychological of the consumers and to tune up the onsumers' desire to buy.Promotion can reduce the resistance psychological of the consumers.The consumer will think that "it can be try because cheap",then to buy.
Three,Improve the brand loyalty
The standard of stationery is low.there is the intense competition in market including product homogeneity,price competition and so on.Under such fierce competition enviroment,the most fundamental purpose of promotion is to improve the sales of office supplies in short time.That to take more share on stationery market.This is a funther way to consolidate the brand of customer loyalty and the effcient way to attract other brand of consumer.
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