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Shantou traditional enterprise and E-commerce enterprise meeting play a role in the Shantou stationery industry development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-01

Sponsored by the Shantou city government, Shantou city economy and information administration, by host and assisted by the Shantou E-commerce industry association.The meeting about Shantou traditional enterprise and E-commerce enterprise was hold in Nove.28,2012 in Linbaixin international conference and exhibition center.The meeting was held for promote the application of E-commerce to the Shantou traditional enterprise.On the other hand,to increase the Shantou online market share and the imporve the image of Shantou advantage enterprise in the E-commerce.



Shantou is a stationery manufacturing base in China,and the Shantou stationery enterprises also on the leading position in China.There is a large team with a set of research and development,production, sales, service since reform and opening up.As a advantage industry in Shantou,there are appearing a lot of superb brand stationery enterprise like Lepusheng,JinWanNian and Shuter.But,with the development of era,the traditional industry are facing with various kind of challenges and crises such as rising costs, labor loss, channel impact and so on.The meeting has play a role between the Shantou traditional enterprise and E-commerce enterprise.It is help for the Shantou stationery indstry development.



At the meeting,Lin jianxin,the director of the Shantou economic and information administration,has make illustrate for the E-commerce of Shantou special economic zone.Then expressed government is very pleased to support and encouragement to promote the development of Shantou E-commerce.Do the efforts to create a national demonstration of E-commerce.And encouraged the enterprise in the presence should to participate actively.It is the silver bullet for the Shantou enterprise.It can reduce the E-commerce cost of Shantou stationery industry and improve the Shantou branding construction.And make more products which "Made in Guangdong" sell to the world.


There were two successful enterprise have a share in their planning and development on the E-commerce.Their experience play a great role to the present enterprises.It is help for they to adjust  their own problems in rapidly.


Mr,Zheng,  business consulting experts of National Development and Reform Commission,has made a speech ahout "2012 Changing E-commerce and 2013 judgement",and have an in-depth discussions of the change of 2012 e-commerce and made the judgment for the 2013 market. It showed how to cotrol the core competitive of electronic commerce,then realize the enterprise rapid transformation and  prolong the life cycle.


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