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How does the environmental protection stationery to create a age of green consumption?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-07

Todays,under the advocate of natural and green life environmental protection stationery is getting welcomed by the consumers with its recycled materials and the nice apperance.And becoming a great consumption trend of great cultural goods market.

Judging from the current situation,low carbon life is become the trend.The spring of China environmental protection stationery is coming.Most of stationery manufacturers also going to enter the environmental protection stationery market.To create the strong brand and the brand consumption age of environmental protection stationery.But there are still lots of ordinary stationery in market.There is the broad market in environmental protection stationery,but still in weak.It is the latter to the market.Face on the adverse situation,how does the environmental protection stationery to create a age of green consumption.

To see reality and set the goals reasonable:Don't expect to become the leader of the stationery market instead of the traditional stationery in a short time.We should believe that the latter will cutting the market and separate the stationery market and foucus on the target,try to become the champion in environmental protection stationery market.To change the market and leading the development of environmental protection stationery market.

Focus resources, strategic focus: Enterprise stratedgic focus.At present,there are many medium-sized and small enterprises in the China environmental protection stationery with its weak strength,stortage resources and witout the support to the enterprise diversified development. It will cuase the funds dispersed if make the blind project.Lack of the "blood-supply" and un-professional and not strong in the each project.If the enterprsie choose the environmental protection stationery as investment fields,they should concentrate the resources and make they best to go to the leader.
Think long-term,pay attention to the brand construct:The is the category products under a brand.Don't try to do the both stationery of environmental protection stationery and general stationery,or the other environmental protection product under a brand.In the modern marketing, it is ctually to take the consumers' cognitive war.Who won the consumers' cognitive,he has won in the market.Various kinds of products under one brand,it is will reduce the consumer awareness.

To highlight the importance and make the special marketing: A brand product,it can be developed environmental protection stationery specially or bring different series of products.Don't try to make all of them sell well.The enterprise should choose one or two type of product to make them become the sales champion in the line.

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