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Stationery Enterprise need the element of New Competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-24


With the fierce competition in the stationery industry , more and more customers have a high demand to a product,. In order to conquer these customers , we must have a higher quality and a much more unique feature of our product.


Traditonal supplier of the stationery always base on the products ,and end to the customers .With the way of the traditional dealers ,they sell the products for the purpose of achieving the return of funds ,As the seller market changed into the buyer market , the supply chain id the focus shift to the downstream, the customers are becoming more and more important, especially for the developing of the e-commerce, the customers can pass through layers of the middlenmen to get in touch with the stationery manufactrurers ,the impact on the market is quite substantial.


Future customers to buy stationery will no longer “shop around”. Now the personalized, good-quality ,and good-taste stationery culture is injected in traditional values,With the personalized concept in-depth. those pure imitation products according to Europe and the USA has been unable to meet the demand of the customers, finally the market segments is becoming more and more important to the demands of the customers . The core of the stationery environment is changing from the product to the customers .LPS stationery will do this with the tide to exploit more fashion but confortable new stationery to meet the changing demand of the customers .


Faceing the fierce and competitive pressure and the new demands of the customer , some enterprise try to force prices down to get more market share. Most customers always have a consistent behavier, when it is the same given product and the same service, they will always buy the product which is the lower price. In a word , no matter which competion is , it will finally up to the price,  so with the constraint to the customers , we should get the customers pay for the best price.


With the development of stationery in the future , people in the crowd 80 and 90 consumption will be the main force of the stationery product, in order to attact these crowd of people , we must not only meet the functional efficacy ,but also design more fresh elements,such as enviromental production, character customization, and also can listening to the suggestion of the users.


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