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Lepusheng stationery consecutively participates in the 115th Canton fair for 21 terms

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-05


          On May 1, the 115th annual import and export commodities fair (Canton fair) is held in guangzhou pazhou,Lepusheng stationery participates in it, this is the 21th time that Lepusheng stationery attend it .This time ,Lepusheng attend the Canton fair not only with the pure and fresh style ,but also provide high quality products to the global customers, its humanized design and excellent quality win the consistent favour of many businesses.



          As a important platform of domestic manufacturer to show their enterprise strength,  the Canton fair also collects product for the overseas clients ,and provides efficient channel for evaluating the suppliers .In this way, the enterprise can the promote their brand image


          Since the last period ,through the upgrading of the exhibition hall and design,this time ,Lepusheng stationery enterprise again with concise and fresh style to show out of the professional  brand image, attract many businessmen stop to visit.On the fair, when show the high quality and new style of main product at the same time ,Lepusheng also further according to the requirements of customers and market,to create more innovative products which joint customers demand .



         In addition to the exhibition hall and the upgrading of products, Lepusheng also provide  more convenient contact tools for cotomers overseas ,with these supporting services,enterprise can further enhance the content of the service for the customers.




        Canton fair has set up a platform for the manufacturer and the customer , when participate in the long-term and fixed exhibition,it can not only promote the company's products, set up good image of a company, at the same time ,it can also timely understand the demand of market and customer ,and promote the update of product further .Lepusheng will continue to improve the research and development and innovation of new stationery products. In the process of promoting the enterprise strength,we will together with the merchants to create the future and promote common development through the Canton fair platform.


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