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Stationery industry facing the challenge of manufacturing cost

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-10

In recent years, there are many multinational companies has transfered the China production base into southeast Asia.Especially the countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh are welcomed by the customers in Europe and America.The main reason is those countries pay the workers salary is far less than China.

The relevant report show that the current Chinese average number of labor is  twice more than southeast Asia, It also showing the Chinese manufacturing costs is increase gradually.For stationery indsutry,It’s no doubt that the rising production cost has reduced the competitioness of the stationery product in the international market.Besides the manufactring costs,the pressure of the labor,exchange rates,capital are coming.

The high stationery export cost is largely affect the China stationery exports.According to the customs statistics report shows that,the countries of Vietnam,Indonesia were enhanced the competitiveness obviously since 2012.The rising of the Southeast Asian countries is occupy the advantages of population in Chinese exporting.Especially for the labor-intensive exporting products such stationery.

The expert points out, although the various costs will be rise in funture and the more and more enterpris will transfere to the Sounthest Asia.In general,the core competitive advantages of China stationery manufacturing will not be big change in the short time."Made in China"still in the important position the furture international  manufacturing.

It has formed the complete industrial system for the stationery manufacturer throught the long-term OEM production.The level of the China is much higher than the Southeast Asian whether in its industrial chain supporting or manufacturing process of proficiency.It also laid the foundation of the stationery big country of China.

At the same time, there are more and more stationery manufacturer aware the important of the independent brand as the gradually change of the stationery industry production.They adjust the manufacturing structure,seeks the new stationery product and the breakthrough of the production technology.It is the undamental change of the Chinese stationery manufacturing.

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