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Stationery export should to expand product export

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-29

From the data we can found that there is not very optimistic in current China stationery export.First,export is showing a decrease in volume become of  less order.It is decrease in traditional markets such as Europe and the United States.Unit price of goods also towards decline,raw material prices and labor costs are no longer the main factors for stationery export.The negative growth data showing the severe bad of stationery exporting.

So,how to expand the export for domestic stationery enterprises?

As we known,some domestic stationery manufacturers are opan other channels besides do the foreign agents.To improve the exporting competitiveness throgh to expand marketing channels.Enterprises can be combined with the model of indirect export then to sell to the domestic trade agencys.Enterprise need not to deal with the exporting document,transportation and the other foreign trade business.In addition,to establish sole distributor in the main export countries also can make the product advertising of enterprise.Then to make the good international image of enterprise.

Part of the enterprise develop the network marketing channel and to establish the sales channels througt the information technology and the Internet.To publish the own stationery products in company website and make the SEO in website.And to set up the specialized trade team to follow up the last order.Or enterprise can cooperate with the professional large scale export.To publish our own products in the B2B website and contact with the buyers.

In addition, enterprises also should actively participate in the well-known international fair or professional stationery exhibition at home and abroad.It can effective promote the products and knwo more about the demand of Internetional market.And also can sign the order directly.

At the same time, as the public pay more attentions to the environmental protection,there are more and more technical barriers about  children's product.Enterprises should production according to the various standard certification then to gain the passport to enter the international market.Also need to pay attention to the international trends,to circumvention technology trade barriers.

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