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China office stationery market growth obvious in 2012

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-25

According to the latest statistics show that in 2008, Chinese office stationery market has over 100 billioon years on the annual sales,China is became one of largest consume cuntries on office supplies.

According to IDC special report that as the development of enconomy.There are the broad investment of the education and fitness.The demand of Chinese office supplies is increasing.So that the stationery market is broad.Statistics show that China's cultural goods consumters are over three hundred million people.Except HongKong,Macao, Taiwan,there are over 50% of the total consupmption on the Beijing,Shanghai and the pearl river delta.

At the same time, the global cultural office supplies chain also is the "Croc",Staples,one of the top 500 enterprises predicted that Chinese stationery market would appera rapidly develop.In 2010,Chinese office supplies market will over $25 billion of total value.

The growth rate of electronic office supplies market is about 25%,including printer,fax,photocopiers,scanner and all kinds of fast moving consumer goods.It was became the new competition focus for the IT manufacturers.

According to the intoduces from Wangtie,the secretary of Guangzhou toys and gifts industry association.There are more than 6000 stationery manufacturing enterprises in domestic.And the private enterprises of them are creative US$3.312 billion in 2002 as  agile decision and strong adapting.And over 20% growth in exports.At present,The total value of domestic Chinese office supplies market has over $150 billion in a year.But in the 200 billion market,Chinese office supplies comsumption only made up  5.8%,there are still have the broad market.

Meawhile,according to the relevant department show that statistics,i 2002 to the 2004,there are 146 million sets of inkjet machine,20000 sets of ink jet printers,2.5 million copier and 9.9 million fax,the total comsumption of those material is over $30 billion.Concerned personage expected that the demand of IT equipment will be more that 25% in increasing.

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