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Is there the toxic in correction fluid?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-01

Correction fluid is aromatic, is how much will be toxic organic compounds, but also stimulate the mucous membrane will become recommended not to use gas. And the original is altered with a small amount of organic plus inorganic adhesive is poor, a large number of organic viscous plus inorganic good. but all contain organic matter, is not recommended. best not to use tape was stable organic sublimation.

Dangers of correction product, correction liquid contains lead, benzene, barium and other harmful chemicals should be used with caution. Correction fluid if they are inhaled or glued to the skin, will cause chronic poisoning, which endanger human health, such as long-term use of these products will likely damage the body's immune function, is likely to lead to more serious complications of leukemia. Instances of harmful use of correction pen. According to reports, some students in homework, frequent use of correction fluid altered, so that those who inhaled the smell of a pungent odor.

Some students seeking quick-drying, a hand to wipe the wet surface, the results of the liquid stick to the skin. Moreover, some learning also correction fluid as toys, squeeze each shot, if the liquid enters the eye, the consequences would be disastrous.

LPS Discussion and Suggestions: We found the correction fluid contains large amounts of lead can cause harm to human body, benzene, barium, methyl cyclohexane, ethylene dichloride and other chemicals. They affect, damage human tissue, will cause severe leukemia and other cancers, correction fluid on the users health hazards is beyond doubt. Its very destructive of human tissue, but also enable users to get on the leukemia and other incurable diseases to human health caused great impact.

Should avoid the use of correction fluid on the nose, mouth too close to the surface used correction fluid, correction fluid splashed on the skin should be avoided, the finger, do not be quick-drying and the sake of short-hand for cleaning. Herein has been included methyl cyclohexane ~ correction fluid: correction fluid composition of titanium dioxide and formaldehyde (formaldehyde is very easy to burn, and toxic, volatile), formaldehyde is an organic solvent, it can cause people to hyposmia.

So we think that for your own health, in the process of doing homework, more seriously and carefully. as little as possible with or without correction fluid, but also hope that the manufacturers improve technology, more analysis, correction fluid to improve the good.

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