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Depends on the market demand then accurately judge the ideas of stationery innovation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-27

Core competitiveness of stationery industry  is low cost in the past China.But,in the years of 2010, as the energy conservation and reduces emissions.Increasing of labor cost and the rising raw materials.Such as abnormal fluctuations show that Chinese stationery industry has already said goodbye to the age of low cost.

Lose the low cost and the population advantage.make the idea of "conform to the market consumption and social sustainable development requirements,adjust product development strategy immediately and put the production into practice" become stationery enterprise basic.And all these conditions should get more regard when put into the new product schedule by the stationery brands manufactureres.Nowdays,it is easy to find that stationery products getting more rich,more novel and the strengthen in the functional product development. Low carbon green raw materials and technology also more popular.All of these are the way to avoid pressure for the enterprise.

In a sense, the market demand depend on the enterprise.In the development of the enterprise,consumer demand always is the point with lots of attention.So that stationery manufacture enterprise should pay more attention to the cosumer requirement in the marketing competition.

Environmental protection stationery is the popular trend in the stationery line over the years.It also improve the price of stationery product and become the new type of stationery products project.In recent years,there are also appeared a lot of enterprise which pay attention to environmental protection products and high-tech.It is more and more industry develop to meet the green development trend whether in print consumables or the office supplies.And getting more and more popular.In Yiwu,Zhejiang province.there are many stationery manufacturers which produce popular South Korean stationery,depend on the rapid spread of  Internet efficiency to get the foreign latest the most fun stationery products into China in the first time.Then stimulated circulation of fashion stationery.

Whether in the promote of information technology or the requirements of supply chain management.We should be aware that once lost diffrernt cost advantage such as labor cost or in the rising  energy costs.It is hardly to depend on their own strength to get market share.Its scale and price advantage  will be a challenge. Therefore, enterprise have to rely on the overall cooperation and market demands than to accurately judge the ideas of stationery innovation.


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