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Stationery enterprises should combine hard and soft channels to expand overseas markets

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-08


         Data from the 115 Canton fair , the number of overseas buyers has achieved a good growth of 10%. At the  time when merchants decline in Europe, the number of customers from Africa and Asia have significant growing, and the Asian buyers accounted for 50%.There is no doubt that it is a huge attraction for the stationery manufacturers due to the personnel growth  in emerging markets .So how to expand foreign trade channels in emerging markets?Lepusheng stationery think we should combine hard and soft channels.



        The exhibition and electrical business is  the best way


        At present, the professional platform which led by the Canton fair has become an effective choice of enterprises to develop overseas markets.Lepusheng stationery also has gotten to know many overseas customers through the Canton fair , at the same time of receiving orders we also gradually develop overseas market, although the foreign trade is not good, Lepusheng stationery still consecutively attend to the Canton fair for 21terms. The fair has set up a platform for the communication with customers, through the long-term and fixed exhibition ,we not only promote the company's products, set up good company image, but also can timely understand the market and customers' demand, and further more ,we can make our products update and to be perfect.In fact, the exhibition is the most effective and powerful platform that  can display products, and communicate with new and old customers ,but also  expand overseas market.


        Apart from  all kinds of stationery fair, the electric business platform is also a fast channel that links to the international market .For the enterprises which on both sides of different countries , electric business platform is an effective channel for the two sides ,we can  save time and cost through  electric business platform,and it can help enterprises to pushed their brand into overseas markets more quickly .For stationery merchants, as soon as they  click the mouse ,they can visit to the latest products, understand the characteristics of various products, in this way ,they can not only save time for both sides,but also can greatly improve the product.


         Quality and innovation are the "soft" channels


         Excellent quality is the key for the stationery enterprises to stay long on the international market , if you want to put the brand bigger and stronger and gradually expand in overseas markets, then the quality is the fundamental guarantee.As we know , product quality has always been severe overseas ,this can be seen from many barriers to trade in recent years, it is very important to assure the product quality and safety .


        In ensuring product quality at the same time, the product innovation is particularly important.To adjust measures to local conditions ,the product must according to the regional culture and client requirements in terms of innovation,and this  is another key to exploit the overseas market.Through targeted innovation,our product has been successfully break into Africa, the Middle East, South America and other overseas markets, so that this technique is very effective.


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