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Traditional stationery enterprises take consider into e-commerce

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-17


The great achievements of double tenth in the past two years,let more and more traditional enterprises plan enter into the online sales.However, how to break the bottleneck of traditional sales.It needs certain considerations.
There are different problems in different industries.To expand a new channel or create a new brand is different in the expand way of E-commerce.It need not high expect in the way to expand a new channels.It just like to set up a new sales points.But if you do the brand construct,it is necessary to make crean about many factors such as production reserves,talent,capital,product planning,brand VI and CRM.
Take the profit time to the consider.There are many enterprises think that they can do well in the online sales because of they great capital chain in office supplies.They allowed losses for a period of time.Even at the six months or a year.However, it is no sure.The costs of people,office, promoting and the operating were spent much.So that it is necessry to do well in the financial budget.
There are so many stationery factories lacking the plan of talent during do E-commerce. They don't know how to do and who to do.Traditional stationery should to do the fundamental before online sales.To make sure the proudcts,consumers group and the set up a term.
Mall or customer store,it is a choice for every enterprise which want enter into the E-commence.Relatively, to open shop in mall is save credit accumulation,incrreased credibility and without the trouble of consumers evaluate.But,the invest of mall is more expensive than the customer store.There are lacking the production supply chain for the E-commence.So,it maybe good to open the customer store,to know the more rule of online sales and learn about the knowladge of the Internet.
Five,the plan
It is a good thing if there is a comprehensive plan.But no it's okay too.It is an information network era, there is so much change in the Internet.And a plan is not be use in all years.
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