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Why do office supplies prefer to do promotion in festivals

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-08


          Almost all walks of life will have a sales promotion activity, especially when there is a festival , then the promotion activities are hot.In the stationery industry,it is very common when there is a promotion of stationery products, they are promotion of  gift or discount .Since this year,Lantern festival meet the valentine's day,and the Children's Day meet the Dragon Boat Festival ,all these special days make the promotion more important for the stationery manufacturer.Proper means of sales promotion can really get the sales increase, coupled with a competitor's participation and the requirements of brand image, so that the action of promotion is very necessary.




          Then, what is the reason that  make merchants of office supplies be favor with the promotion in the festivals?


          One,got the reason to do the promotion


          Promote sales is the hard truth of saling in festival, in addition to this, it can promote some brand of image,or publicity.In fact, the theme of lots festivals are quite different from the office stationery itself, then what is the medium of promotion?The answer is a gift, a lot of goods are launching in a gift pack.There is no exception in the stationery industry, by the theme of  June 1 , it is not only a love to the children but also a good meaning of encouraging their study when giving a gift of student stationery to the children.


          Two, the stream of consumers


          During the holidays,families get together to go shopping, to relax.They always have a strong unconscious of buying something during the holiday, so that lots of merchant follow up this situation,.At the same time, the factory also analysis the demand of the retailers, retailers are looking forward to the arrival of each holiday, why?Pursuit of retailers is endless , during  the holidays the stream of consumers will increase by 20% ~ 50%.Then, during the holiday season,how do the retailers think of sales promotion?According to this , the market personnel need to carefully analyse the demand of the retailers when designing promotional activities, so that to strive for more terminals.


          Three, product promotion


          The most unusual promotion is sending a gift , sending a gift is a method for the product promotion, on one hand, it can improve the visibility of the product.For stationery manufacturers, it is an effective way of effective promotion of new products or the old products,so that it can not be missed.


           In fact, the purpose of marketing activities is achieving objectives of enterprise, the goals of the enterprise is varied, profits, output, production, sales, market share, productivity growth and social responsibility ,all these above can be likely to become the target of enterprise, but whatever the goal are ,they must complete exchange through effective marketing activities,so that it can achieve the goal.In a word,this is the  effective means of  exchanging information with consumers.


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