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Lepusheng knowledge: uncover the misunderstanding of stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-31


          As a learning tool,although stationery is indispensable to the college students,office white-collar, but a lot of consumer has few understanding of the product itself, or there are some stationery misperceptions.Now lepusheng will uncover this riddle for you:



          One,misunderstanding about the color of exercise books


          Exercise book is one of the most commonly used stationery in the process of learning for students, there is error when many students choosing the student stationery,they think the whiter the better when choosing a book,because the words on the white paper can be more clear.Parents also think that the white paper represents clean and high quality.Actually otherwise, a white paper can affect a child's vision.


          On the market, there are a lot of beige exercise books which has the function of protecting eyes, does it really has its matter?Because of the homework which seems too bright may be added by fluorescent agent,though this kind of book has less direct damage to the eyes, but with the big contrast and reflective glare, also can cause undesirable stimulation to the eyes.With eyes near notebook when student is writing, after a long time is easy to cause eye fatigue,then damage to the eyes.In general, whiteness under 85% of the paper will be yellow.So when purchasing book for the children,we should choose the color of yellow paper.That is why the yellow papaer can protect eyes.


         Two, misunderstanding about the shining color stationery


         As the competition of the stationery,a lot of stationery manufacturers will develop more and more stationery to attract consumers eyeball, including brightly colored stationery products.Stationery color is more and more gorgeous,make consumers have illusion.Are the more colorful stationery produts the better quality.In fact it is not, colorful also means using the formaldehyde dyeing auxiliaries, so in order to use stationery safely,parents should do well in the supervision work.


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