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The Exported Speed of Stationery Grow Slowly, Pressure of Foreign Trade Manufacturers Still Remain

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-17

         China is the major exporter of the world , but also face with a lot of restrictions on exports.As a typical form of labor-intensive industries, stationery exports industry of China is facing with the  atrophy of external market,  appreciation of RMB,  the rising costs and the increase of the technical barriers of exporter. Although in the traditional sales season, such as Halloween and Christmas in the west,export of stationery still grows steadily .However, the growth is slower.

          Appreciation of RMB exchange rate and raw materials, labor and fees of safety standards for testing  and other costs are rising ,all these factors is  squeezing the profit space of enterprise  , so the medium and small business owners feel anxious.In addition, the stationery imported inspection standard of Europe and the United States is more and more stringent , but also a big resistance to the export of stationery and lead to an concerns in the industry ,and even conduct further to the emerging market countries.

         For a long time, stationery industries in our country  dependent on exports too much, but recently the exports are also facing with a series of problems such as the appreciation of the RMB, frequency of trade friction, and difficult to rise the price with the costs rising .All these will make the whole industry have a low profit.Fortunately, the rapid rise of the domestic consumer market has started to become a new growth point of stationery industry.According to relevant statistics : domestic stationery industry sales revenue has risen from 117.4 billion yuan ,2010 to 147 billion yuan ,2013 . With the development of the market, the demand of downstream  gradually expanding, we preliminary estimate  that the sales revenue of stationery industry  in 2014 will reach to 155 billion yuan.

         The transformation of enterprise is talking about a lot in recent years, no matter openning up an emerging market or upgrading  the products , they are the effective way to relieve stress to stationery manufacturers . Stationery production with foundry pattern will make a low value-add , and  depend on theexternal market more, in this way ,it will not only weaken the independent innovation ability of stationery, but also  weaken the pricing force of the manufacturers who get profit from the link Labour ,and in the meantime ,it is also difficult to  to fight against the impact of the financial crisis .In response, many stationery export enterprises have been looking for a way to deal with it ,on one hand  is to constantly add new markets, on the other hand is to make enterprises transform from OEM  to the pattern of independent research .

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