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Summarize the main points of setting up a stationery shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-14


          Before setting up stationery shop, it is necessary to do the research, the owner should not only do a survey about the competitors aroud the area, but also should do a survey on the potential competitors,and also the population situation, gathered the nature of the unit and the work nearby, this regional consumption ability, habits, whether there are similar shops, if yes, to investigate its business is good or bad.More in-depth understanding the target consumers, then we can put their needs and preferences when locating the store.



          Lepusheng found out that ,if we do well in the following four prophase investigation,then it play a twice the result with half the effort on the management of whole stationery shop:


          One, address and traffic of the stationery store


          There are two kinds of definition of environmental quality, one is conditions on the physical environment, for example,when there is dust flying around outside the shop,or the neighbors is chemical plant ,then it is belong to the bad shop environment.Another meaning refers to the location flourishing degree of the shop.Generally speaking, if shop is near the station, commercial area with high population density or peers concentrated in the same street, then this kind of environment should have more advantages.


           Two, do survey on the traffic conditions and surrounding facilities nearby


           Whether it is convenient to park a car or transport goods for consumers when they come to the shop.And whether it is convenient to come to the shop from other area.Whether the transportation is convenient or not has a great influence on the sales of stores.See whether the surrounding facilities is good or not for the store.Although some shops open in urban areas, but the fence on both sides of the trunk road, will affect the business.Therefore, when choosing storefronts should fully pay attention to this.How to choose?Because of the characteristic of the stationery shop, the best stationery store address is near the school, office building.


          Three,survey about the consumption level of target consumers


          The evaluation of consumption level is a complicated problem.In general, the evaluation of consumption level should evaluate from housing, transportation, communications, clothing, family, entertainment, education and medical and so on.Open a jewelry store In the rich gather location, high-grade fashion shop catch the feature of high income of the consumers.Those rich people congregate surround the various commercial villas or the high-end neighborhood.Similarly, investigation of the consumption level of the stationery customer,we also need to see the  the proportion of the population of students and white-collar office nearby, the more students and office workers,then the potential consumption of the students stationery and office stationery will be greater.


          Four,survey about competitors


          The content that the investors must investigate from the competitive store is very much, main including, store structure investigation, commodity structure and prices of the goods and line investigation.Stores structure research is mainly to provide reference for new stores layout, investigation including area of the competitive store,the location and the sales system, etc.


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