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The age of the Internet: how do stationery enterprises do net interaction

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-07


           The development of the Internet network, let more and more stationery enterprises began to contact with the electronic commerce, many companies began to do net interaction, with the help of a mobile terminal they can contact with consumers in zero distance.



            In traditional stationery industry, the marketing pattern of office supplies is from the manufacturer to the agent,and agent to the dealer, then from the distributor to the terminal, so that when connecting with of most consumers it need the retailers.Stationery manufacturers often get real feedback of consumers through progressive transformation.When the feedback come to the factory,it will almost  not the news and not enough.So the arrival of the Internet and the mobile side development, are the efficient way to access to consumer information for the stationery manufacturer.


           Stationery manufacturers to communicate with consumers via the Internet, how to do, rather than just an official announcement trends account there?Lepusheng thinks, the content of interaction is one of the best bridge, in addition to the corresponding enterprise dynamic, we should be willing to share something interesting through the wechat and microblog with your fans,whether it's a spoof or sincerely praise, enterprises should be attention,to say thank you for the consumer.In a nutshell,we should create a human interactive platform, rather than cold product advertising page.


           So why do the companies should build an interactive platform?Because for merchants ,the feedback channel is limited to make consumers communicate actively, but through the social platform, become friends with customers, customers are more willing to communicate with you, also be more willing to show your product in among their friends.Interactive platform is not only a way for consumers to understand the company, but also the effective platform to understand the consumers' real thoughts,or to obtain the best Suggestions of consumers.It is a big benefit for the future development of the enterprise to make such a good platform.


           So we can say that ,understatnding the media trend in a timely manner and using the latest media tools dealing with consumers, is an effective tool to establish brand image for stationery entrepreneur.


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