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Observation from the 115 Canton fair: fashional and multi-functional stationery become the "evergreen tree"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-07


        Stationery industry is the most rapid development and the most perfect in the light industry in China .In recent years, stationery industry is an advocate of healthy environmental protection,the fashional and multi-functional stationery has become a "evergreen tree" in gift show ,and sought after by buyers.This also can be seen from the recent 115 Canton fair.




        Creative stationery emerge in endlessly


        As the window of opening to the outside for China, Canton fair is an important platform for foreign trade enterprises to obtain overseas orders, in the current background of "cold"  ,many foreign trade enterprises will be focus on the self-help, its willingness of participation  is very strong.At the fair ,it is not difficult to see that lots of stationery manufacturers presented their unique stationery products as a new product display, the creative stationery is not the first time to be attented, in recent years, those stationery with fashional designs and multi-functional are attented by many businesses.With the improvement of consumer demands for stationery products,creative stationery and characteristic stationery arises quickly.


        Green products being concerned


        According to the statistics, 77% of Americans said that the enterprise of "green" image will stimulate their desire;94% of Italians, said they will  choose and buy goods by taking into consideration of  "green products".While a domestic survey shows that 53% of respondents think environmental protection products in the Chinese market price is a little bit higher, but there are still more than 71% of respondents said they would spend 10% of the money to buy green products.In many environmental protection products, green and environmental protection stationery is quite popular with the market.Green stationery  also let many exhibitors show the green brand, then "lure" audience.


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