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China stationery export enterprises encounter three problems

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-01

According to the current exporting environment,export enterprises still facing lots of problems,and there are three problems in the front of export enterprise.

First problem:weak market

The global economy has not recover since this years.There is a weakness market whether in America,European or Japan.Although there is promising in emerging markets.It is just like the far water and does not save the near fire.The unoptimistic development of the emerging economies and the weakness of the traditional market.It all rudece the stationery export demand.

Sencond problem:rising cost

Rise material cost and the labor cost increased,it all made the stationery manufacturers faced the huge proudction pressure.The rose stationery costs made the stattionery producters be more careful in the capital flow and operation.The generally rising price of the chemical raw material also compressed the profits of stationery downstream.And it make most of oversea purchaser move the order into southeast Asian countries.Although there are some cost have under the controled,some exporting enterprise still affected by the high cost.

Third problem:tough trading environment

According to the ministry of commerce of the conference.The inccreased exporting trade frictions and risks also became one of the stationery exporting problem. It is understood that China has experienced over 40 trade dispute with more than 18 counties in last years.

Acoording the main export counties.The main stationery export conuties still in the Europe and America.It is cover 80% of whole.With the developing of the technical barriers to trade,most of them are beyound the capacity of the enterprises.

Although there are much problem in the front of stationery export.Most of stationery enterprise still seek the development actively.Such as to stengthen the quality superivision,expand the chaanels in low cost and increase the product additional value.

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