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Shopping guide for "wild kid", Selection of stationery must be "technical"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-18


         When face with such many kinds of beautiful and colorful stationery products, do you know how to choose the most appropriate one?Many consumers think, to choose good stationery products seems "there is no technical content", in fact ,it is not right .Recently, CCTV reported an experiment on cultural and educational supplies in quality supervision and inspection center ,the experiment object is the ball-point pen cap which students commonly used , the conclusion is that the small holes on the cap can help at a crucial moment .If they don't remind, many consumers do not necessarily notice it , especially for the young parents who spoil children,and  let their  wild children  to choose stationery with their minds,they don't  listen into the opinions of others, if the parents can analysis the advantages and disadvantages of it , then it will  give their children the right guidance, so that they can learn more about the common sense. So it is very important to have a pair of eyes that can select  good stationery .




         For a long time,Lepusheng stationery also have set up a related stationery science column which hopes  more and more consumers can focus on it and  learn more. The following are some tips the Lepusheng stationery  shared for you to  choose good stationery :


         It must have a hole on the cap of your pen : since a lot of "wild kids" like biting pen, and it is easy to fall into the throat,so that  the body on the cap needs to have a continuous air passage of at least 6.8 mm2, and should be at room temperature under the maximum differential pressure of 1330 mpa and minimum ventilation must be 8 litres/minute. Any pen cap which meet this condition is considered that will not  lead to the danger of suffocation.


        Scissors can't be sharp:what can we do  when  "wild kids" suddenly have a bad emotion and get mad in manual class , so students must  use scissors which  the top are circular arc form, if they are  too sharp, it's easy to let people get  injured.


          Aroma stationery: some experts pointed out that the stationery fragrance comes from a variety of flavor, the main content are the benzene and formaldehyde which are the  kind of volatile chemicals, when inhaled by a child, their mucosa will be stimulated due to  the mucosa  is tender, so that it is easy to cause  symptoms of allergic rhinitis.


         Fancy stationery: nowadays many stationery on the market is much too fancy, these good-looking stationery are coated with a layer of paint that make it seems colourful.Some students have the habit of biting when using the stationery .The  toxic and heavy metals which hidden outside the stationery  such as lead , it is easy to get  into the body  through these behaviors, then produce chronic lead damage to the body.


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